Providence Bruins


Experience the action and excitement of Providence Bruins hockey with your scout group! Combine live professional hockey and the scouting experience with your troop, pack or den!

  • FREE Popcorn, Drink and Hat for all kids & discounted tickets for the entire group!
  • Opportunities for arena tours, presentation of the Scout Oath to the crowd, and more!

For more information contact Andrew Clark at:

More About Scout Groups

  • Get discounted seats together as a group–featuring savings of up to 50% off
  • All kids in the group receive a FREE P-Bruins Hat, Popcorn, Drink & Scout Patch
  • Your Scout Group's name on the center-ice scoreboard during the game
  • Option to schedule arena tours, presentation of the Scout Oath, and much more!
  • FREE customized flyers, sign-up sheets, order forms and much more, all to make organizing your group outing as easy as possible! 

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